Sunday, August 16, 2009

Klezmer etc

By Friday of last week, I was almost delirious in anticipation of a Shabbat when I could do zero. Between work (the 3 weeks following Tisha B'Av are the major vacation time for the religious public; August is the major vacation time for most Israelis, and Klezmer week brings thousands of extra people to Tzfat, where the Festival is held -- at the Tourist info Center where I work, I didn't stop talking for a moment!), my own rental unit (full, full, full, though I had to keep running home every day to clean it and get it ready for the next guests), selling beer on the street (a friend's Dancing Camel, which he brews in Tel Aviv and which I'm supposed to be marketing in the North -- no time, which is too bad, because it would be a nice sideline, but in the meantime, I sell it from my house) and just trying to keep some sembelence of a home/family life, I was EXHAUSTED.

The only bad thing about Shabbat is that it ends, and then the treadmill starts up again. Everyone asks how I'm doing, as we prepare for my son's wedding this Wednesday. I have a bunch of lists, and as long as I stay on top of my lists, I'm fine. The major part of the preparations involve the Shabbat following the wedding, when my out-of-town family will be staying over, and I'm preparing Shabbat for them. So much food! Plus, I invited my new in-laws (the bride and groom are slipping away for a week in Rhodes, so we'll all be there without them) to join us, so I want to make a nice impression. I know that everyone will help out, but I'm trying to cook and freeze as much as I can beforehand. Tomorrow will be a busy day because I'll be shopping, and then have to get everything to the Livnot campus, where we'll be doing our meals and where the guests are sleeping.

I have been considering opening 2 of my old pensions which have relatively small sums in them, but would be helpful now. It involves a ton of paperwork to do, but would give me a few thousand dollars to give me some breathing space -- fix the computer, buy some paint for the bedroom, pay the kids' school bills for the year, etc. My natural inclination is to be cautious and save, but there's something in me that says, "you know, you could drop dead tomorrow and then how much would you enjoy that money?" Natural inclination is loosing out here.

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