Monday, July 20, 2009

Walking in her Sleep

Every morning, I come to the living room with trepidation. Our still-technically-a-puppy-but-should-have-grown-out-of-puppy-like-behavior, Mika, gets busy at night, destroying shoes, my hats and scarves, and periodically other clothing. We've learned to keep shoes on a high shelf at night, and I'm trying to remember to keep my hair-gear away from her, but somehow, she often finds new projects. Last night, she discovered a roll of toilet paper, and I came into the living room today (after waking up in the middle of the night to hear her munching on one of my scarves....another trash can filler) to find a DEAD roll of toilet paper. Of course, the entrails of the T.P. were all over the couch and living room.

The stupid dog spends the day quietly resting or sleeping, and looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But at night......I can't leave her out at night because I don't want her barking during the night. She actually rarely barks, but does sometimes, and that's not very nice for the neighbors, or my guest room guests.

2 days later....
Friday morning...all is quiet in the house. Why not? everyone went to sleep hours after I did! Even Gal, who, at age 13, has joined the midnight-and-later sleepers. Last night she came home after midnight. She had been out with her friends helping the mother of one friend at work. I'm just thankful and relieved that our neighborhood is such that she can easily run around with her pack of friends and there's still enough to do here so that she doesn't go looking for action somewhere else, a worry in residential neighborhoods.

I spent half-an-hour listening to the tales of Ariel's kitten who seems to have come down with hepititis, and is quite ill. In addition to the 850 shekels that she's already spent on the cat (which she can ill afford, and I suspect that I know which mother the next loan will be coming from)we can add up the cell phone bill. I just paid our last phone bill, which keeps climbing every month. I rarely use it, unless it's for a quick phone call to make some arrangements or something, but the kids are always calling their friends. Last month, Yochi came home from the army and spent a Friday afternoon calling all the soldiers that she'd worked with in her previous group (she teaches soldiers who are thinking about conversion). 13 soldiers, each with their own cell phone....I know that it's tzdekka, because she's helping them feel a connection, but still....

My feel-good experience of the week was also animal-related. Last Saturday night I was taking a walk with the dogs about midnight, and some people asked me if I'd seen their lost puppy. Well, I had....saw it walking in our neighborhood that morning. So when I saw it again on Tuesday night, I knew exactly whose it was, even though its identifying purple collar was, by then, missing. Brought the puppy home and fed and watered it until the owners could come and collect it the next morning. VERY pleased with myself. But, also thinking about "coincidences"....if I hadn't been out walking at midnight, I wouldn't have met the people who were looking for the dog, and if I hadn't been on the street at exactly that moment on Saturday morning ( I went out for 5 minutes), I wouldn't have seen the puppy when it was walking by, so I wouldn't have been able to recognize it when I saw it for the 3 minutes that I was walking on the street on Tuesdayk. They say that some animals have reincarnated souls, gilgulim....considering all the coincidences involved in bringing this puppy home, I wonder....

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