Monday, July 06, 2009

Klezmer Festival

Every year for the past 10 years, I've unofficially translated the Klezmer Festival schedule for the city. I do it as part of my work for the Tourist Information Center which, while not officially part of the municipality, is run in conjunction with them. So I usually spend a few hours figuring out how to write the names of the bands and musicians in Latin letters.

This year, I called the city and offered to translate it for them officially. They were quite pleased, especially since I said that I'd do it for free. So I figured that I'd try my new trick.....someone told me about Google Translator, which translates documents within seconds.

Sure enough, I plopped the webpage into the Translator, and within 20 seconds, an English page showed up.

Only problem is, it's illegible. The "Simply Tsfat" band became "Simple Tsfat", the Ma'ayan HaRadum Square, which is known as the Ma'ayan HaRadum, came up as "Dormant Spring Square" (not only unromantic, but unrecognizable to anyone who happens to be looking for a performance there, "Saraya Outside" became "Except Saraya" and the "City Park" became "Garden City". Isn't that in New Jersey?

And that's only the first line of the 3-day Festival schedule.

So, it's my turn. Should be up at Safed-Home site (under "Klezmer Festival") in a few hours. If I can figure out how to make a nice table on my site. Translators shouldn't have to be web-wizards, right?

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