Monday, July 27, 2009

For Fun

Sometimes, for fun, I make lists.

Mostly they're lists of what bills need paying, but sometimes, they're wish-lists. I'd like to upgrade my computer (which I can justify, since I do a good deal of work there), upgrade my camera (not as justifiable, though if I tried I could figure out a way to explain it -- mostly it's that we have one camera that 5 people use, drop, lose, overcharge, etc), things for the house, a bit of jewelry (OK, I'm not completely unmaterialistic). I a complete jerk for telling my daughters that, for their brother's upcoming wedding, I don't want to pay a ton of money to have their hair puffed, pushed, creamed, curled, twisted, barretted, weaved, and whatever else they want, since it lasts for an hour or so, and I'm out hundreds of shekels for a few hours of vanity?

Or, should I just swallow and pay, and put my wish list on hold for awhile?

Something to ponder when I wake up at 3:00a.m. to bring in the barking dog who someone has left outside. And then she goes on to eat a shoe, sandal, hat, blanket....all of which items she's gnawed at this last week)

Yesterday, outside my office, a local who had set up a "basta" (stall) on the street became annoyed with one of the shopkeepers on the street who sells Yemenite pancakes (Lachuch). He became very agitated and aggressive, and I thought that he was going to start punching. He was drinking and was completely out of control. So, I called the police.

And, any idea what they said? They said "we won't send the police unless you come here to file a report". I, of course, said "what the......? I'm sitting here with a guy who's about to start a war right in the middle of the tourist area of Tzfat. He's swearing, cursing, and out of control. You won't come?" And the dispatcher got mad at me for assuming that the police will come to check out a situation without me coming to the station and filing a report, a process which, previous experience has taught me can take hours.

I really live in a Third World Country.

On the other hand, yesterday morning I bought some rolls at the bakery and discovered that I had left my wallet at home. So the clerk just said "bring it later". So, six of one and half-dozen of another.

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