Saturday, June 27, 2009

Return visitors

I hadn't had guests for a Shabbat lunch for quite a while, but today we had a full table. Margalit invited several of her friends, and there were some grown-ups too for old friend who came with his daughter and lady-friend, 2 people who are presently doing a Livnot-volunteer program, and a Tzfat neighbor.

In the afternoon, I took the dogs out for a long walk around town. When I'm feeling energetic, we walk up to Biriya, a forest just to the north of Tzfat. The roads are fairly empty at that time, so I don't have to worry too much about people being frightened of the dogs....who happen to be two of the most pathetically scardi-cat-canines in the city. But there are always people who act as though the mere presence of a four-legged creature is going to give them a heart attack, so I try to walk them at times and places when we won't meet too many of these folks.

While walking, even along empty streets, I kept meeting people who I know. And, of course, each meeting demands a bit of "stop-and-talk" the time I'd finished with my one-hour walk, almost two hours had elapsed.

Living in a small town has its ups and downs.

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