Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dog Days, Dog Nights

Shortly after we moved to the Artists Quarter, we got a dog. Sparky was a little terrier that I found wandering outside the city, and I brought her home. We became the only people in the neighborhood with a dog, and our reputation was "the family with a dog".

Fast forward 20 years, when there are more people around here with dogs than not. Aside from our two (Sparky and her sidekick Angora are no longer with us, but after a number of strays passed through our doors, we are now settled with two new ones, Jenny and Mica) there are about half a dozen other hounds on the block, most mutts like ours. There are still plenty of neighbors who look at dogs with horror, but most are, if not happy, accepting.

Every evening, one of my neighbors and I meet out at the local public square to let the dogs have their last fling before settling down for the night. We're often joined by other neighbors, both with dogs and without, and it's a nice way to end the day. The dogs roll around with each other while the kids play on the side and the grownups drink their coffee and review the day.

There are plenty of evenings that I have to drag myself out there -- after going non-stop for 12 hours or so, I have little energy. But after a hot day and plenty of work, it's a good way to unwind and I look forward to those last 15 minutes.

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