Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Wave of Thefts

The local papers reported this week that supermarkets have geared up for a wave of thefts. Of what, one might ask?

Well, the Lag B'Omer holiday is coming up in a few days, and this is the time of year when little firebugs throughout the country have a field day -- bonfires are lit in every neighborhood, in every apartment complex, on every street corner, in every park, and everywhere where a bunch of kids can organize a fire.

Kids start collecting wood for their fires well in advance, sometimes even before Pesach, 4 weeks ahead of time. But the week leading up to Lab B'Omer is full of activity, as branches and boards are dragged to the designated spot by each band of kids, who set up guard duty rosters worthy of any army in the world.

Of course, getting massive amounts of wood from spot to spot demands a lot of energy and organization, and thus, supermarket trolleys are used....hence the supermarkets' heightened vigilence during these weeks. The kids, though, are generally good kids, and usually after Lag B'Omer (maybe because of parental prodding) one can see the trolleys being returned, a little worse for the wear, but returned nonetheless.


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