Friday, May 15, 2009


Up until now, the weather has been a cool spring, but this week, a bit of heat crept in. Nothing to make it seem like mid-summer, but a reminder that it's not far away, and arrangements have to be made soon for pool usage. We have a hotel nearby, the Rimonim Hotel, with a pool, and the last few years I bought a summer subscription for the kids (I don't really swim, though if thrown into the deep end, I could stay afloat and propel myself to the side). Last year however, the only one who really used the pool on a regular basis was Gal, so this year, I might buy a pass that one punches in each time one goes.

Because of my own lack of swimming skills, it was always important to me that my kids became proficient swimmers, and when each one reached age 6 or 7, I arranged for lessons and made sure that they learned, even though it usually stretched the ol' budget. I never thought that my kids paid much attention to the effort until recently, when one of my daughters said, when I complimented her on her eagerness to exercise, "you have yourself to thank. You took us to swimming lessons and the pool all the time, so we learned to enjoy exercise".

It actually wasn't even one of those things that you think "they don't appreciate X" because it had just been part of our summer schedule. But it was nice to hear, all the same.

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