Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lag B'Omer 2

Lag B'Omer ended this evening. The city was filled with the spillover from Meron....many of the quarter-million visitors who made their way to Mt. Meron, the traditional spot for pilgrimages on this day, spent some time in Tzfat. The day begins with a huge parade in Tzfat, when the Torah scroll is taken from the Abu home and danced to the bus station, where it is bussed to Meron. This is a tradition that's been going on for about 150 one time, they used to dance it across the valley to Meron, but now they put it on a bus.

My friend, watching the parade, commented that it looked like a big block party, and it certainly did. As the parade made its way down Tzfat's main street, vendors and storekeepers had tables of snacks and drinks put out for the people in the parade, and a sense of good cheer pervaded the atmosphere, as everyone, secular, traditional, ultra-Orthodox, Sepharadi, Ashkanazi, and everything in-between danced and sang together.

Margalit went with her school friends to a bonfire outside of town, and they stayed there overnight. I would say that they slept there, but from what she said, they didn't do any sleeping at all. She did mention that the fire somehow made its way to a nearby garbage can which burned.....I am a bit disturbed by the "parental supervision" that was supposed to be there. But all's well that ends well, and she should sleep well for the next few nights.

I would post some pictures, but my camera is always somewhere else....this week, Yochi took it to her army base to take pictures of their bonfire. Very nice, except that, having purchased the camera, I would like to use it sometime.

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