Monday, December 29, 2008

Raising a Family -- no work at all

Since I was recently told that I really don't have too much to do as a single mother, since 2 of my kids are older (one in the army, aged 19, and the second living at home after the army before he starts university next year) and the "minors" really don't take any of my time, I thought that I'd just list a short itinerary of my day.

Just kvetching:

BEFORE 8:00a.m.
1. Get up, get dressed, make up downstairs to get ready for this evening's renters, clean up after the puppy's nighttime excursions around the living room, wash the dishes from last night when 12-year-old daughter had 5 friends over, leave notes for 3 kids with reminders of what to do during the day, hang laundry, make myself a lunch, buy bread on my way to work, get to work BY 8:00a.m.

1. Call daughter's friend's mother to find out when to put her back on the bus for her trip home
2. Get child on the proper bus
3. Call for haircut (I haven't had my hair cut in 3 months)
4. Get eggs
5. Get tofu

1. Clean Hannukias after Chanukah and put them away
2. take down laundry before rain starts.
3. supper -- eggs and fries
4. Take call from downstair's renters who will arrive later today
5. Do "extra" work, articles for new website on Tzfat, newsletter for tzdekka organization in Tzfat, etc

This is in addition to my 8-hour day. To say that it utterly pisses me off to be told that raising a family myself is "nothing"

But the person who told me that will get his.