Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Every day, there seems to be more to do than the day before. Sometimes, it's overwhelming, everything that needs to be taken care of, before I start work at 8:00a.m. (today, i got dinner ready before I left for work) and after 17:00, when I come home (today, I finished cleaning the oven and stovetop by 20:00, a job that I dread every year). And every day, there seems to be some items that need to be picked up, doctors visits that need to be made, errands and bills that need to be taken care of, etc. I start out every day with a list, and add to it as the day continues -- the list never seems to have everything crossed off!

Yesterday, I took Margalit to the Interior Ministry to get a passport -- it looks like we're going to go to the States in June for 2 weeks for my niece's wedding. I'm looking forward to that, and although it would have been fun to travel alone, I would have been dealing with the consequences for years to come if I would have left Margalit, the only one of the kids who hasn't yet been to the States, behind.

The creature in the picture is Robby (that's his name right now, anyway). Some Livnot chevre called to say that they were staying somewhere where the neighbor's dog was being abused, and wanted to get it away. I volunteered to "foster" him, and how he's at my house, terrorizing the cat. Everyone else is charmed...he looks like a purebred Cocker Spanial, and is really a nice dog. I'm glad that I can do my part, but truthfully, I'd gotten used to having one dog, and it's a bit of a strain to have a second. On the other hand, the annoying cat that was hanging around our porch has disappeared, and if that's not worth it, I don't know what is.

A Tzfat story....a few weeks ago, a couple of yeshiva boys came in to work to ask me if I knew where Ronen was -- he's the guy who works across from me, and who sells "lachuch", Yeminite pancake. I told them that I thought that he'd be in soon, and sure enough, about an hour later, I walked by and they were having something to eat there.

By coincidence (this story is full of "by coincidences") I had to take Miranda to the vet that evening, and borrowed Livnot's car. Usually, I park by my house, take her home, and then return the car to Livnot, but this time, I was rushed, so I returned the car to Livnot and walked home with the cat cage, walking by Ronen's shop. By coincidence, Ronen saw me and asked me if I knew who the boys were who had eaten at his lachuch in the of them had forgotten his camera. I told Ronen that I didn't have any idea -- I'd just met them for a few seconds, by coincidence, when they were looking for the lachuch to open.
As I walked home, by coincidence, a group of boys was walking towards the Old City, right down my street. guessed coincidence, we crossed paths at exactly the same moment, and I was able to tell them where their camera (which they didn't even know was missing) was.
At work, I now share the space with the "International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah", an organization that was started to, a. encourage tourism to Tzfat and give tourists the opportunity to do something meaningful during their visit (a lecture, tour, kabbalah experience); and b. to get people acquainted with "Kosher Kabbalah" (as opposed to the Madonna/Demi/Kabbalah Center/red string Kabbalah. The main point of Kosher Kabbalah is to point out that Kabbalah study and practice is not divorced from Torah and Mitzvot (commandments), as places like The Kabbalah Center like to proclaim (more money to be made by giving people the idea that they don't need to keep mitzvot to be "spiritual"; just give money)
For 8 years, I ran the Tourist Center by myself, but now, having other people working in the same space is such a pleasure! We each have our own concentration (me: Livnot; them: their tour) but we compliment each other, help each other, and just enjoy chatting sometimes and shairng observations. Change is sometimes good; this time, it's great.
Bedtime. Margalit is sleeping in my bed, which she likes to do sometimes. I dont usually mind, but she tends to kick a lot. Hope it's a habit that she'll outgrow by the time she gets married.

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