Thursday, January 31, 2008


The snow has turned to slush, but the day was terrific for the kids. First of all, they were off school, which is always a treat. Secondly, it was a lot of fun for them to head outside to the snow. Hagai went up to the Metzuda, the Citadel, to build a snowman and hang out with his friends. Yochi ventured out to the yard for a few photos, which was enough for her. And Margalit and her gang spent the day alternating between different points in the neighborhood and each other's houses.

The weather forecast had been saying "snow" for several days, and even though it wasn't supposed to start until Wednesday, few kids came to school on Tuesday. There was no snow Wednesday morning, but Margalit reported that there were only 3 girls in her class who showed up, and the school dismissed early. Not only that, but there's evidently no electricity in the school, so there's no prospect of the kids going back to school any time soon.

I told the kids that when I was young, the snow would have to be knee-high before we'd be kept home. "yeah, sure ema" was the reply, "stop exaggerating". Ha! I'd like them to spend a winter in Detroit, and then tell me how cold and difficult the snow here is!

I also ended up having most of a day off....I went into work, but about 10:00a.m., there was an electrical blackout, so I waited around for a bit, and then came home, telling them "let me know if the electricity comes back on". Aside from the fact that I was freezing, there was really nothing for me to do without a computer. Thank goodness no one called me back, because I really enjoyed having a day off! I cooked Shabbat, slowly.....cooked a dish, did some of my puzzle, cooked something else, did some more of my puzzle.....such a difference from the usual mad rush to get everything done on Thursday evening, after I come home at 17:00. I like having a tight schedule usually, but sometimes, it's nice to have a break.

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