Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Tree Birthday

OK, I know that these missives are boring, but sometimes, I just have to vent.

Woke up at 6:30a.m. Washed the kitchen/living room floor. Woke up Yochi and Margalit. Made myself food for work. Went to work. Worked till 4:00p.m. Stopped at 4 different shops on the way home for things that we need. Came home, washed the downstairs, went to the shops in the southern part of the city for some items that I need from the Home Center-type store there, as well as some vegetables, because the ones in town are so expensive. Took Jenny, which was nice because she loves a walk, but it was hard to schlep everything home (in my little pull-buggy) while holding her leash.

Home, made dinner, dough for tomorrow's pizza, tomato sauce for tomorrow's pizza, cookie dough for Shabbat's cookies. Stuck in a load of wash, and now, I think that I deserve an episode or two of Friends.

Today is Tu B'Shevat, the Kabbalistic birthday of the trees (or some such thing). I didn't have the energy to organize a family Tu B'shevat Seder, but I did put out some dried fruit and nuts...that's something. As a matter of fact, together with some crackers and cheeses and Shabbst's lasagne leftovers, that was dinner -- dried fruits and nuts. No one complained much, but I'm not sure if that's because they liked the novelty, or they realized that it wouldn't do much good.

Avishai gave me some tzdekka money from his salary last week, and I added some of my own, and sent it to my friend in Jerusalem. When I called her up to make sure that she'd gotten it, she was practically crying in thanks.....she had all sorts of bills to pay, medicines to buy for her sick daughter, etc., and didn't have anything left. How someone can live like that, hand to mouth, year after year, is beyond me. I get nervous if I don't have a bit at the end of each month to put away for whatever upcoming holidays or possible emergency there might be. I'm also extremely proud of Avishai, who gives me money every month--Hagai does too, when he's working, and I know that Yochi gives on her own. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm succeeding in raising them "right", and then......I think, "yeah, it's OK".

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