Monday, June 25, 2007

Impressed with meself!

I seem to be a published author!

A new web magazine, Today's Israel, has been collecting articles from us wannabe authors for about 6 months, and now, in their second issue, their "eye on Tzfat" (or whatever they call their correspondent in the boonies) has printed one of the articles that I've sent them.

Truthfully, I don't think that my article was that good, and I have to look back to see if I can find the original, to see just how much the editor fixed it up.

But it has my byline, more or less my words, my idea, and, well, i'm pretty sure that I can feel a little bit pleased with myself!

Yochi is almost finished with her matriculation exams (bagruiot) for the year. Phew -- I'm not sure whether it's harder on her or on me, since I find myself tip-toeing around her while she's pressured to study. She does well on her exams though, and was offered to do a "atudah" from the army, meaning that she would study for her BA on the army's dime, and then commit to the army for 3 years. Great way to get a degree without worrying about the tuition, but she doesn't seem to be interested, if for no other reason than she doesn't know what she wants to study. Reasonable, but it would be nice to leave the tuition worries...

Ariella is going to start a course in a few months in make-up. I hear that it's a good course, and should give her some skills to make some money and hopefully also save for further studies, something that she'll never be able to do from waitressing. I have undertaken the course tuition, 10,000 shekels, so all I can say is that Hizbollah better not start a war until I've had a good summer of renting out our guest room! If anyone reading this can have a chat with Nasrallah....

Avishai has been home for 3 days, wounded in the line of duty....he fell over in his tent last Friday night and broke a tooth. They had to take him to the dentist on Shabbat because it was so painful, and then he got to come home for 3 days. Sunday he was a dishrag, sleeping and moving slowly, but today he went to the pool and then to his girlfriend, so he's on the mend. He goes back to his base tomorrow, so I hope that there's some motherly-type there to remind him to keep taking his anti-biotics!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ariella came home for a few days to visit....she prefers to come home during the week so that she can spend Shabbat with her boyfriend, Ben. So she works extra hours at Anoynomous, the organization that she's volunteering with this year (for animal rights) and then takes a day or two off.
It was a nice visit, though by the time she came on Sunday, I was just going to bed, and then I was at work most of Monday, so I only got to chat with her for a while in the evening before she headed to her friend's for the night. But it was good to see her. She wants to take a course in doing make-up, which hopefully will give her a start at making some money so that she can develop her studies in other directions -- she's mostly interested in interior design.
She practices on Yochi when she comes home...this was from Yochi getting ready for her end-of-the-year party at school. She took more time getting dressed and making herself up than most people do before they go out for a socal evening with members of the opposite sex, confirming what everyone always says....girls (and women) dress up for the other women, not the men.
Don't know where these girls came from -- I HATE shopping and have no patience for it at all. I think that 100% of my clothes come from the 2nd hand shop in town, which is fine with me, since I have no sense of fashion, I save time and money by just finding what fits and looks neat and normal.
Today was Gimel Tamuz, the date of the Lubavitch Rebbe's, um...."leaving us". The Chabadniks in Tzfat won't say "death" or "passing" since many of them (Tzfat is the epicenter of this) believe that he's comin' back as the Messiah. So they say that it's the day that "he left the issues in this world" or something similar.
Anyway, that always reminds me that the next day is Daled Tamuz, my own father's yartzeit. This year marks 25 years since he died, and in a few days, it will be what would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. My father was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man imaginable, and if anyone ever didn't deserve to die so young, it was him. If I ever again find myself looking at a new potential partner, I will be wise enough to measure him against my father's midot and mentshekeit.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Natural Way

For several years, Margalit has had warts on the back of her hand. Many were quite large, and they were spreading quickly. I ignored it for awhile, then put some medication that the doctor suggested on it, then ignored dice.

Finally, I took her to the skin doctor who looked at her hand and said that because of their placement, on the knuckles, he couldn't burn them or freeze them off, and we'd have to speak to the plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeon immediately gave her an appointment for laser surgery in Haifa, which, he said, would include general anesthesia.

Well, with all due respect to my daughter's skin and self-image (she's full enough of herself, so no sorries there) I wasn't going to agree to general anesthesia for warts.

So for a few months, with a bit of irregularity (4 nights out of 7....not out of any scheduling, but just because of forgetfulness) we put cotten with apple cider vinager on her warts at night, then covered them with a band-aid. This was suggested by many "natural remedy" sites on the internet. None of the "true-life stories" gave much direction -- they suggested that the warts would turn black, and then fall off.

Well, sure enough, the biggest ones began to turn black, but by then, Margalit's skin was getting quite sore at night when we'd put on the ACV -- i had some get on my skin which was NOT raw, and it stung -- and at some point, we just started covering them with tape at night without the ACV, since that was also a suggestion given on these sites.

And then, at some point (right around Pesach, wouldn't you know, when no one remembers anything) we just forgot the whole thing.

Suddenly, about a week ago, Margalit mentioned "ema, do you know that my warts have disappeared"? And sure enough, aside from a bump here and there, they were disappearing! Completely! No scars, nothing!

What's more, a wart on her eyelid which the plastic surgeon didn't even want to touch had disappeared too...and we didn't do ANYTHING for that!

I'm dying to take her back to both doctors, just to show them what a bit of non-invasive treatment can accomplish, not to mention that the ACV, cotten, and tape couldn't have cost me more than $5 all together! But Margalit doesn't have time, and, what the heck....they wouldn't believe me anyway.

All I can say though is, in this day of internet and accessibility to information, anyone who doesn't research their options thoroughly deserves what they get! (And I have definitely come across incidents where I have opted FOR medications and/or medical intervention when there is a question, because sometimes, that's the best solution for us.

In other news, Toulouse (the kitten) is doing just fine. Full of beans. I still don't get too worked up over a cat, but he's OK, and doesn't bother anyone except the dogs too much. Watching Jenny and Angora playing with him is a riot.
And we all had a nice time at Cousin Rebecca's wedding. Very classy, though I found it hard to understand all those British accents (lots of Baruch and Ruth's friends and relatives, plus the groom, Oliver, was born and raised in England, so all his family was there, plus Rebecca has been living in London for the past few years, so most of her recent friends are there too). They speak english? Ariel(la) and Ben met us there, having come up from Tel Aviv,and we had a nice evening.