Sunday, February 25, 2007


My mother is on the way here for a visit...she should be on the plane now. Looking forward to seeing her, since I haven't seen her since she was here for Dov's (first) son's birth 2 years ago. Now there's a new baby too, and we're hoping to see them all when we take her down to Jerusalem for the second part of her visit. We'll get her for part I, which will include Purim, since Avishai will be home for Shabbat, and Ariella (now known as "Ariel") and possibly her boyfriend said that they'd come as well. And hopefully, if the weather is good, we'll drive her down on Monday and get to see the cousins too (and, their parents, though THEY'RE not as cute).

So this has given me the imputus to take a day off and wash down the house and do all sorts of other errands that I usually do on the run. I have to have something taken care of for the car too, which I can't do on a work break, so it's forcing me to take some time. Looking forward to my day, which is already going faster than I wish it would.

The news reported that a resident of Bat Ayin was stabbed by an Arab yesterday. Bat Ayin is the settlement near Jerusalem where Margalit and I spent 2 weeks this summer, during the war, and the spring next to the settlement, where the guy was evidently stabbed, is one that people walk to all the's about a 15-minute walk from the house where we were staying. So stunning -- the place itself is pastoral, quiet and beautiful, with a view into the Judean hills, and it's beyond belief that someone could just go to take a walk and be killed like that. Harder because I know people there now, and know how trusting they were of their area, and how secure they felt. Hm-m-m-m-m, kind of like how I feel here, even with Hizbollah rearming quickly.

We talk about "getting ready for the war" here and "hope that we can get such-and-such completed before the next war" like some people talk about a coming thunderstorm.

In other news, Avishai finished his navigation course as the course's excellent soldier. Very nice. Except that now, as a prize, he gets to undergo a 2-week parachuting course, and, of course, parachute. Out of a plane. I was quite annoyed, and told him that he should have told me AFTER the jump. Mothers.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kicking and Screaming



Bagheera (also known in the neighborhood as "Uncle Fred")


I have decided to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 20th century. Photo-wise, that is.

A number of years ago, someone gave us a very nice Canon digital camera (takes videos too). We figured out how it worked, but were never able to upload the pictures onto our computer, and I just always figured that it was because of my lack of computer knowledge. So the kids used to play with the camera until it broke, and we stored it way.

A few weeks ago, I took it to the local camera store to see what could be done with it, and 350 shekels later, we had a working camera. By this point, the kids were very camera-literate, and quickly took a load of pictures....but wouldn't you know it....the computer STILL couldn't read the camera. So, now that my children are computer literate and can see that we're doing what we need to, it became obvious that it wasn't our fault -- it was the computer. Or the camera. Whatever.

Anyway, as my co-worker says, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and when you have a computer wizard for a 14-year-old son who knows all the skinning techniques, everything can fall into place. Hagai told me that we can get a disc-stick (or something like that) that fits into the camera, and the pictures can be downloaded from there. And lo and behold, sure 'nuff, it worked! (another 70 shekels....sigh).

Here are some of our first photos.

Some of the kids will be upcoming....

Just had to get this off my chest......

I just had to write this down...a bit of unwinding...

Sunday morning I woke up and washed Margalit's room's floor, which was filthy. (She'd been making a "campsite" in the muddy yard all Shabbat). Went to work for 8 hours. Made a doctor's appointment for Hagai, who called me from school because his ear was bothering him. Came home, took Margalit to the store to get a present for her friend's birthday, took Hagai to the doctor, went shopping, came home, put everything away, put out supper, made rye-bread dough for Monday night's dinner and (since I already had everything out) made challah dough for Shabbat. Washed down the couches. (a once-a-week job since the kids eat on them and they're always full of crumbs) Put everything up to get the floor ready for washing it. Brought in the laundry and did another load.

Monday morning I hung out load #2, washed the kitchen/living room floor and got the downstairs ready for renters (clean floor and toilets; make beds). Made molassas-cookie dough. On the way to work, stopped at the bookstore to get a Math book for Margalit. Couldn't figure out which one. Went to work for 8 hours. Got the name of the book, and stopped again at the bookstore on the way home to buy the book (which is the SECOND time I've bought it, since M. lost it, somehow....can't figure out how, because it should have been sitting on her bookshelf waiting for her class to be ready for it).

Came home (to a blessedly clean floor) and made several loads of hummos for Purim mishloach manot. Froze it. Cut up and seasoned 4 chickens, ready to bake. Baked 5 batches of molassas cookies (Shabbat and Purim mishloach manot). Ground up onions and garlic for tomato sauce that Ariella likes -- she's coming for Shabbat with her boyfriend, and I want to make her eggplant cassarole, which is vegan and she likes. Plus it's a good side dish. Spoke to the couple that's renting the room to give them directions. Made rye bread and cheese spread for supper. Dessert was the molassas cookies that didn't retain their shape. Boiled up potatos and eggs, and made a marinade for the potatos and green beans for Tuesday's supper -- salad nicosie. Went to neighbor to help her with her computer. Slept on the couch, because Margalit had a friend sleeping with her in the bedroom. everyone out the door. Went to work (8 hours). Came home. Got the room ready to rent out again(!) A bracha -- we need a new DVD machine, since ours simply doesn't work anymore, and Purim expenses.....anyway, it's nice for the kids to see that we can do extra things with the rental money. Took the kids to the library (Rosh Pinna), the "Center" (shopping for Yochi) and Hatzor (Margalit wanted to see what costume accessories they have in Hatzor that they don't have in Tzfat). Came home, supper. Complete meltdown.

Tomorrow, I would like to get some strawberries at the shuk (if it's not raining) for hamantashan filling....homemade strawberry filling is the best. And after work, someone is coming from the Jewish Agency's פותחים עתיד program -- extra-curricular activities for kids of the city. Margalit was chosen by her school to participate -- her school really puts a lot of its resources into my daughter. Bless 'em.

Which brings me to my Purim costume. I want to go as a single mother. In addition to work-related paraphanalia, I will need accessories as a doctor, psychologist, social worker, cook, maid, mechanic, mediator, gardener, handi(wo)man, and goodness knows what else.