Tuesday, December 18, 2007

cookies enabled


I 'd unsuccessfully to upload the video on the previous blog, but was unable to....the message that I kept getting was that my "cookies" were disabled. I often think that I'm several cookies short of a full batch, but still.....I thought that I had advanced enough in my knowledge of computers to stick a video on a blog!

Turns out that "cookies" are a device that internet uses to track your web surfing. If you turn it off, you can't be tracked, but there's stuff that various sites won't let you do.

Enter Hagai, who, within 10 minutes, enabled my "cookies", and voila....the video from the previous post appeared! Now, of course, I have to work on my video techniques, but I can say, in my own defense, that that on was taken by Margalit, who takes most of the videos so far, mostly of herself singing.

Last week, Hagai was paid for some cleaning work that he did at Livnot, and handed me the cash as tzdekka. Avishai did the same with his salary....he asked me to give 10% to my friend, who I'm always trying to send some assistance for.

So....outwardly, these guys may not look like the most "spiritual" folks walking around, but somewhere inside, they're pretty savvy when it comes to doing the right thing. I'm really proud.

No pictures of their donations, but here's one of Yochi, who volunteers every week in the special ed kindergarden in Tzfat. (She also volunteers one evening a week at the local soup kitchen, making sandwiches for the kids who don't have one at school the next day. The numbers of such families who can't even send their kids with a mid-morning snack goes up weekly....this country is in serious trouble.

Found a home for "Joey", the mutt that Margalit found. I was sorry to see him go, but couldn't fight with the older kids all the time, and they were animaled-out.

And finally, I asked someone to come and do the floor in Margalit's is old formica, probably from about 50 years ago, and last summer, I bought floor boards because someone told me that he'd do it for me for free. That, of course, didn't work out (he had to leave Tzfat for business)...silly me, for expecting it....but I've finally asked my local handyman to do the job, and he's in the midst of it. Margalit doesn't have a room for a few days, but in the end, it'll be great.

Next job.....figuring out how to strengthen the house to keep the house from shifting, and the cracks from forming in the walls. Engineer-time.

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