Thursday, December 13, 2007


Another rainy Shabbat is forecast. No complaints, especially since I don't have to move from the house all Shabbat, so if its going to rain, Shabbat is the best day. I have to keep my eye on the weather forecast because every time rain is expected, we have to take our lightbulb out of the fixture in the living room, which is where it leaks into the house. We've tried numerous times to fix it, with no, we're just used to the system. I did get some things fixed in the house this week, including the hot water heater on the roof, which was full of calcium's a wonder that the water heat up at all. Now there's a new heating element in it, and I hope that it works.

Chanukah passed quickly. The kids were on their own, but except for one morning, when I got repeated phone calls from Margalit and Hagai, each one threatening bodily harm to the other, it was OK. One afternoon, I, Margalit and her friend, went out to the bird sanctuary in the Hula Valley to watch the migrating birds who stay in the Hula for the winter. They fly around all day, and come back to the reserve at night. So around 4:00p.m., you can see them all swooping in for the night. It's beautiful. Margalit spent more time filming the scene than watching it, but it will give me my first opportunity to insert a video into my blog (new camera, remember?)
Ariel(la) and Ben came for Shabbat, and it was fun to have everyone sitting around the Shabbat table. Ben is scheduled to spend a couple of months in Europe for work (he does computer work for a bank) so I assume that we'll be seeing more of Ariel(la) then. (Ariella has asked that we call her "Ariel", which I guess, is cooler than "Ariella", so I'm trying to remember)

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crystal lionne said...

Shalom! I enjoyed reading your blogs. We are considering aliyah from California. Your words gave me a good view of what life might be like for us in Israel.

Todah Raba!