Thursday, November 22, 2007


Started out Thursday with no Shabbat Thursday night, I had 3. It's always so much fun to anticipate guests, especially those that I know are fun and good conversationalists. It makes the cooking go a lot easier.

Lately, I've been innundated with all sorts of e-mails that give websites for "how to save money". I always look, because, well, I'm always interested in saving some money! Turns out that I already do almost everything. Short showers (though trying to imbue my children with that idea is hard!), running the washing machine on cold water for the shortest amount of time for everything except socks/underwear, homemade food (I rarely hit the freezer section, and never get fast food, unless it's a treat of falaffel or pizza), buying large economical sizes of name it, we do it. And still, the amount of money that flows out of this house every month is staggering. Maybe I should write my own book and make some money!

I don't have car expenses this year, because Yoni takes care of them, but then again, I don't have the car! I rarely miss it -- the biggest challenge is getting Hagai to the Rosh Pinna library every two weeks. But this week, my neighbor told me about a wonderful sight, the birds that make the nearby Hula valley their resting grounds on their migration south in the fall (and vice-versa in the spring). She was there this week and said that there are thousands of birds milling around each day, and when they all take off, it's a spectable worthy of National Geographic. Basically, right down the road from me...but how to get there? All these years, I took the freedom that having a car around for granted, but now....I so much would like to take the kids to see this. Bummer.

Hagai's school trip is next week, so we'll have another 3 days of a small contingent in the house. I'm so pleased that the schools do these trips....the kids, mine anyway, have experiences and see things that I could never offer them. Hope that he gets some nice weather -- Yochi had 2 nice days in the south, and the third, when the rain headed south, the kids came north for activities, so she came back quite happy.

Time to do the Friday shopping. Avishai found the extra bottle of cola that I bought last week, planning to keep it for this week (12 shekels for 3 bottles of Pepsi at the local store, so I bought an extra one with the idea of keeping it for the next much for saving money) and drank it, so I'll have to do extra schlepping (the extra bottles that we buy for Shabbat). NEXT time, I'll have to tape a note on such items..."DON'T TOUCH".

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