Thursday, November 22, 2007


I ordered some more shirts so that I'd have a supply of all shirts, all sizes. Even though I only sell about 1 a week....I'm ever optimistic. Anyway, the delivery service called the house yesterday to see if I'd be home, and Avishai answered. The delivery guy asked him if someone would be home 2 hours from then, and Avishai didn't think to tell them to come to me at work...he just said that no one would be home.

When Avishai called me to tell me (he realized afterward that he should have had them call me), I just figured that I'd get the package in another few days. Then, I had to run up to town, and lo and behold, there was the delivery van. The guy saw me and said "Laurie? I'll bring your package to you this afternoon". And sure enough, about 2:00p.m., he brought the package into my one reminded him who I was, or where I worked. He just knew. Love living in a small town.

Yochi's on her way home from her 3-day school trip. They went down to the Negev and missed the massive rainstorm that we had here. It POURED BUCKETS, and hailed too. Good start to the winter....hope that it continues, but I also hope that we have some days off inbetween the rainstorms -- it's depressing to have it rain continuously. How do people live in England? Anyway, there's something wrong with the cord to my dryer, so I'll have to try to make do without a dryer for a little while. Actually, I use it only a few times a year -- most of the time, I hang the clothes to dry. But when I need it, it's great to have!

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