Saturday, October 06, 2007

There will be no picture in this blog, or for the immediate future, anyway. The pink-taking digital camera (which, if you will notice from the Succa posting, has a bit of a problem) is now in the shop. Everyone is telling me that it's better to upgrade, but there's something about just fixing the old reliable camera that is comforting. Besides, I was just getting to the point that I could use a couple of the functions without having to ask my offspring for assistance.

THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER! No more major cooking for 6 days! 5, if you consider that I usually start Thursday night for Shabbat, but still....a big improvement over the unending crush of cooking that enveloped the past month. For Simhat Torah, we had a big barbque which ended up going in shifts....the first group came about 14:00 and hung around for about an hour and a half, and just as they were leaving, the second group came. This worked out GREAT with the pace of the barbque, and in one fell swoop, I fulfilled quite a bit of hosting obligations. (and, Avishai and hagai did most of the cooking!)

So, back to normal. Avishai is now officially a civilian. He's thrilled....none of this "signing on for extra time" for him. He starts the local community college this morning to complete his high school matriculation exams, hopefully do the psychometric exam (for university) and just enjoy things. Of course, our food bill just doubled! I keep trying to encourage him to take a job where he'd be doing some renovation work (he could possibly get something at Livnot) just so that he can learn some skills along the way, but he is tired of the physical exertion that marked his 3 years in the army, and prefers something quieter. Up to him....

Have to get Margalit to the doctor this afternoon -- she's got a stomach ache that's now on its 4th day. Every time a glitch comes up, I twitch.

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