Monday, October 29, 2007

Sensory Overload

Work these days is an exercise in sensory overload.

We're renovating the Visitors Center, and I'm so thrilled that I don't want to say anything to jinx it, but.....between the cigerettes that the workers smoke, the fumes of the paint, the noise of the metal being soldered, (not to mention the sparks that fly), and the ever-present tractor that's hauling stuff up and down the street outside (for someone else's renovation) I'm being overwhelmed with stimuli.

I finally went looking for some music on an on-line radio station, and found some old '60s and '70s music, which is fun. So one more stimuli. It doesn't exactly block out all the rest, but it's helpful.

I just saw that my cousin applied for the winter Livnot program! I'm so excited! He'll have a wonderful time. (Maybe he can drag some of the others mishpocha....)

Hodesh Irgun continues unabated. Hagai is definitely NOT interested in participating, but Yochi and Margalit go up almost every night to paint and rehearse. The house is quiet. My biggest challenge these days is keeping the cats out as much as possible. All of a sudden, Bagheera has noticed that he has a home, but he pooped twice last week inside the house -- I thought that cats were supposed to have an intuition about that? And now, no matter what I do, he insists on trying to come back in.

Then, to complicate matters, Miranda has peed a couple of times in the house, something that she hasn't done in 3 years. Does she sense something? Or is it a bladder infection? Getting her out is even harder -- she's quite sneeky about slipping back into the house, and if I succeed in getting her out at night, she'll scratch at the door (MY bedroom door...she knows where I am) right around the time that I'm in them middle of my REM sleep. I DO NOT LIKE CATS!

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