Thursday, October 18, 2007

The little notes

I'm looking at my little white notes that I've been collecting all week.

Every night, I make a list of the things that need doing.

This is BEFORE and AFTER an 8-hour work day, in addition to the household chores.

From Sunday:
  • check out cell phone for Margalit
  • 30 shekels for B'nai Akiva for Margalit
  • Dentist appointments for all
  • call Pamela about extra curricular group for Margalit
  • 80 shekels for Hagai -- math book
  • 200 shekels for Avishai -- books
  • get Ariella's money to her -- Euros that she forgot in Tzfat, that she'll need in Italy
  • Iron tablets for Yochi
  • Kupat Cholim coverage for Avishai; to reapply after the army
  • get back matress that we loaned to Shula
  • check on digital camera, in shop
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Calgeron...Hagai's sore throat
  • get back house key from Lowenthals
  • Tuesday morning dentist appointment for Margalit. Panoramic X-Ray, then back to the dentist.
  • Monday evening teacher-parent meeting
  • Tuesday meeting at school with staff
  • Blistex for all of us
  • Pay bills at Post Office.
  • Photo album. Make copies of pictures to send to family
  • thank you letter to Aunt R.

It's now Thursday, and I have a whole new list.

I'm also thinking about how to make a new effort at marketing my t-shirts, which don't move much at the Visitors Center. E-Bay? I don't even know where to start.

The office where I work is being renovated. I'm so excited! There's another office moving in with me, KabbalahTour. The guy who runs it will be bringing touring groups to Tzfat to give them a "Jewish Experience" with a Kabbalah twist. The project sounds good, and I'm pleased that I'll be working in a more-professional-looking office.

A large part of my work day involves surfing the net to find where to put links for Livnot, and information about it. Problem is, once I start surfing, I jump from link to link and get involved in looking at the different sites -- never mind all the blogs. VERY hard to concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing.

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