Monday, October 08, 2007


I've earned it.

6:30a.m. Wake up, wash living room/kitchen floor before kids wake up.
7:00a.m. Wake up Margalit and Yochi. Get Margalit's lunch ready for school. Prod.
7:15a.m. Wash floor in boys' room, since Hagai has left for school and Avishai isn't here
7:45a.m. Grab lunch (prepared last night) and go to work.
8:00a.m. On time -- for once.
16:00p.m. Done with work. Stop at Botzers and Glazers to pick up their Shabbat leftovers for cats and dog
16:10p.m. Fruit and vegetable store
16:25p.m. pharmacy -- Yochi wants iron tablets. She's always tired.
16:30p.m. Housewares shop -- need knives and spatula
16:35p.m. Stationary store. Hagai needs lead for his pencil
16:40p.m. Grocery store. Jello (for Hagai) and apple cider vinager (for my sushi -- it's good in the rice)
16:50p.m. Post Office to pick up a package.
17:00p.m. Home. Where's Margalit? Track her down to a birthday party that she went to. Start list of what needs to be done the next time I'm in town, that I didn't get to this time (or forgot) List now on the fridge. Kids adding to it.
17:15p.m. Wash floor in Margalit's room
17:30p.m. Show apt to possible renters for downstair's neighbor
17:45p.m. Make french toast for Avishai. Try not to react when Hagai brings home a piece of pizza and, after my french toast, Avishai gulps down the pizza.
18:00p.m. phone calls
18:15p.m. Wash downstairs floor
19:15p.m. Eat supper
20:00p.m. Get ready for trip to Jerusalem tomorrow. Prepare lunches. Give kids money for dinner (falaffel). Give out assignments.
22:00p.m. Bedtime!

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