Monday, August 20, 2007


There are 2 more weeks left of summer vacation, and if I do say so myself, we did a pretty good job of getting through it. Between a membership to the Rimonim pool, next door to our house (how lucky can you get?), lots of work for the kids (Hagai worked with Livnot, digging out the ruins of the Old City with a group of teenagers, Yochi worked in a gallery, and both helped me at the Visitors Center and cleaning Livnot in-between groups) and lots of friends (Margalit and her pack of little neighborhood girls that she's been running with since they could crawl).
During the Klezmer Festival, Hagai, Avishai and Avishai's friend Hoshen ran a "basta", selling brownies, chai tea, and sushi. The sushi bombed (OK, that was my idea) and the chai and brownies didn't do much better, but they had fun listening to the music and meeting people. I figure that I lost about 50 shekels on their "business", which isn't bad. Both Avishai and Ariella almost got sucked into selling Herbalife in a pyramid scheme over the last few months, and the only thing that saved them from loosing some serious money was their need for investment money, which meant that they discussed it with me, which meant that I was able to save them from some serious loss.

Last night, Margalit and her friends had a pajama party. My rule was that they stay in her room, which is, thankfully, on the opposite side of the house from where the rest of us sleep. When I woke up this morning, they were all buzzing around, and said that they hadn't slept all night. Should be interesting trying to get them back on schedule!

Avishai is home again....he has a "gimel" until Friday, because he sprained his ankle chasing after terrorists who had crossed from Gaza into Israel. His girlfriend returns tomorrow from Thailand, and her parents invited him to come to the airport with them to get her, so I guess, if he had to sprain his ankle, it came about at a good time.

Tomorrow we're planning a kayaking trip, with a barbque. We're going with two other families from the neighborhood, so that should be fun. Next week, we're planning on going down to Jerusalem for a few days, stopping in Tel Aviv to see Ariella (finally!) on the way. On the way back, we'll go to the Kahan's son's wedding (he and Avishai were in gan together!) in Nes Tziona -- we'll see how many times I manage to get lost driving there. Honestly, sometimes I think that the only way I get to see the country is through all my driving mishaps.

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