Monday, July 23, 2007

Strumming along with Harry Potter

Harry Potter came out on Saturday, and thanks to a neighbor who told me that I'd save 60 shekels if I pre-ordered it, we had our copy waiting at the local bookstore by Saturday night. Hagai is reading it...he's as fluent in english reading now as any 14-year-old in America. Unfortunately, it dosn't translate to his report card, because in school, he does what he wants when he wants which doesn't work well with the staff. So although his english is probably better than his teacher's, by looking at his report card, you'd think that he needed tutoring to reach the minimal standards of his grade.

Never mind...I'm used to it. He decided to learn to play the guitar, so he bought one and is teaching himself to play. Doing quite well, I must add....he's already taught himself to tune the guitar and when he practices, it is quite pleasant to listen to him.

Tonight is Tisha B'Av. It's HOT. It's a day that is difficult to pin down. On the one hand, it's a fast day, so one has to anticipate being hungry and tired. On the other hand, it's a "Sunday", a day off of work when you can "do" everything. I have errands that I'd like to do that I never get to do, and a lot of catch-up, but it's hard to function when you're wiped out.

Walking to work, I saw one of the town drunks this morning. Typical "only in Tzfat" scene.....he was sitting next to his empty beer bottle, singing.....psalms. At 8:00a.m.

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