Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ariella came home for a few days to visit....she prefers to come home during the week so that she can spend Shabbat with her boyfriend, Ben. So she works extra hours at Anoynomous, the organization that she's volunteering with this year (for animal rights) and then takes a day or two off.
It was a nice visit, though by the time she came on Sunday, I was just going to bed, and then I was at work most of Monday, so I only got to chat with her for a while in the evening before she headed to her friend's for the night. But it was good to see her. She wants to take a course in doing make-up, which hopefully will give her a start at making some money so that she can develop her studies in other directions -- she's mostly interested in interior design.
She practices on Yochi when she comes home...this was from Yochi getting ready for her end-of-the-year party at school. She took more time getting dressed and making herself up than most people do before they go out for a socal evening with members of the opposite sex, confirming what everyone always says....girls (and women) dress up for the other women, not the men.
Don't know where these girls came from -- I HATE shopping and have no patience for it at all. I think that 100% of my clothes come from the 2nd hand shop in town, which is fine with me, since I have no sense of fashion, I save time and money by just finding what fits and looks neat and normal.
Today was Gimel Tamuz, the date of the Lubavitch Rebbe's, um...."leaving us". The Chabadniks in Tzfat won't say "death" or "passing" since many of them (Tzfat is the epicenter of this) believe that he's comin' back as the Messiah. So they say that it's the day that "he left the issues in this world" or something similar.
Anyway, that always reminds me that the next day is Daled Tamuz, my own father's yartzeit. This year marks 25 years since he died, and in a few days, it will be what would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. My father was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man imaginable, and if anyone ever didn't deserve to die so young, it was him. If I ever again find myself looking at a new potential partner, I will be wise enough to measure him against my father's midot and mentshekeit.

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