Thursday, May 10, 2007

Forest Gump

For years, I'd wanted to get a ping-pong table for the yard. We have a perfect space for it....walled in flat yard where the balls couldn't get too lost, and it would be nice for the kids and their friends now that the majority of the children don't use the swings, and the grandchildren haven't arrived yet.

But the price....

This week, someone donated a table to Livnot, which they were pleased about, until it became clear that it wouldn't work in the campus space. So the folded-up table sat on the side until I asked if I could buy it (at a ridiculous price....but still....) and they said "fine". So I called, Hagai, Hagai called his friends, and since there's nothing like incentive, the three of them figured out how to schlep it from Livnot to our yard, and lo and behold, we have a ping-pong table!

Hagai's friends warned me that this means that they'll be spending the majorty of their time here, but I couldn't be more pleased.

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