Monday, April 23, 2007

A Sunday on a Tuesday

Yochi told me a few weeks ago that a group of "March of the Living" teens from Palm Beach would be coming to Tzfat after their Poland experience (I can't quite bring myself to call it a "visit") and she and some of the other Young Leadership kids would be doing something with them.

Saturday night, she suddenly told me that the "something" that they were going to be doing included hosting them overnight, and that we'd have a young girl staying here.

Sunday night, Yochi showed up with three was one of the Israeli girls in her group, who would be staying overnight, one was the American guest, and the third was one of the group leaders whose promised arrangement for a hotel room fell through.

I just moved upstairs and gave them the downstairs, and the three girls got along very nicely, attending the Rememberance Day ceremony on Sunday night and going to school together on Monday. Truthfully, I hardly knew that they were there. And the madricha (leader) was a lovely young thirtysomething lady who was lively and easy to talk to....I enjoyed her visit very much. I'm not quite sure where 3 bags of milk and quite a bit of cereal went to, but I'm glad that Yochi feels comfortable inviting unexpected guests, and knows that they'll be taken care of here.
Today is Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day. I call it my one Sunday of the year, because it's the one day that we have off of work that isn't a Shabbat/holiday (with its religious restrictions) or getting ready for a holiday/Shabbat (i.e. cooking). I could have technically slept in, and should have, since I stayed up late last night waiting for Margalit to come in from her wanderings around town (with friends) but my internal alarm clock woke me up at 7:00a.m., so before I start doing the things that I had planned for today (besides the picnic -- mostly early Shabbat prep) I am enjoying the time on the computer that I have with no one else saying "when are you going to be done?"

Yochi was supposed to join the march to Homesh, which is one of the West Bank settlements evacuated by the army last year, but their bus leaves early, and she got home late last night, so she decided to forgo that, and will be hiking to Meron with her B'nai Akiva group. I decided to join a group of friends who are going into the wadi beneath Tzfat for a picnic...aside from the lack of need to drive, this way I can help ferry out some of our neighbors who don't have a car. Margalit will have friends, but the "other" picnic, which is planned for farther away, has families with older kids, and Hagai and Yochi would prefer to go with them.

Frankly, I'm worn out with trying to make everyone happy. The endless worry that everyone's needs be taken care of. I could care less where I set up my barbque, or with who, but somehow I always feel as though I'm slacking because whatever I decide, someone isn't pleased.

On the upside, whatever we do, I'll have some nice pictures to upload afterward.

And's some pics!

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