Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Interesting culinary challenges this Pesach.
Avishai eats kitniyot. He could care less. Me too, frankly, though I like to stick with what I know.

Ariella doesn't eat meat, fish, eggs, or cheese. Try organizing some food for her! (her boyfriend doesn't eat kitniyot, so when I asked her what they took to eat for their tiyul to the Dead Sea, she said "LOTS of fruit and vegetables")

Yochi doesn't eat meat or fish, and DOES NOT LIKE MATZA. She's rather fanatic about it.

Hagai decided that he loves "matza crap", which most of us call matza brei, or fried matza. Thank goodness, because he ate enough of it.

Margalit continues to get away with eating very little food of nutritional value and showing no worse for the wear.

As for me, I managed to get through the holiday without gaining any weight, which is something that I'm a little obsessed with, after having lost 15 kilos last year. Everyone keeps telling me how great I look, which is....well, what can I say.....VERY encouraging.

Took a nice trip to Tel Dan with the kids, though I have to find a solution to the problem of everyone wanting to do something different. Yochi kept saying "what's there to DO there?" even though the spot is magnificent -- lush, clean, wonderful hiking trail.....we originally said that we'd do the nature thing first, then go do "paintball", which I still don't know what it is because we never found it. But we did stop in the "Center" in Rosh Pinna for some shopping, so everyone came home happy.

Now I have so much on my plate these next few days that I don't know what to do...lots of food items still need to be bought, either because I forgot them during my first massive post-holiday shopping, or because the store wasn't stocking them yet. Hagai wants to go to the library in Rosh Pinna tomorrow, and it's Margalit's birthday on Sunday, so aside from her present and home celebration, she wants to do her school celebration on Friday (games, prizes, treats, etc).

And finally, I have two cousins coming for Shabbat....Russ from my father's side, and Robin from my mother's side. Robin is here in Israel for 3 months volunteering in Tiberias, and this is the first time that I'll have ever met her. She's 23. Russ comes every year -- he volunteers for a week with an organization that promotes Jewish-Arab relations, and always comes to visit for a day. I'm really looking forward to the Shabbat with them, but it would be nice to have something good to eat, which means -- cooking.

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