Wednesday, April 04, 2007

On the Road.....

There are only 2 days of Chol HaMoed (the intermediate days of Pesach) this year when it's feasible to "do" something....tomorrow is Friday, which means we need to cook for Shabbat. And Sunday is the morning before the last holiday of Pesach, which again

So yesterday and today are the days that we have to take a trip. I'm supposed to work for part of Chol HaMoed, and I have the other part off as a paid holiday, so I worked yesterday, and today I'm off. Frankly, my idea of a wonderful vacation would be to stay and home and putter around, read, maybe take a walk, etc.

But no one really cares what my idea of a good day is. So we are off to the Banias National Park this morning with grill and food (YOU figure out what kind of food to take for a picnic on Pesach, especially non-meat!) because Hagai wants to hike. And then, we'll probably stop at the paintball hall for a few hours, because Yochi wants to "do something fun".

I'll take a book, I guess. At any rate, it'll be good for some new pictures to post.

Now the dilemna is when to wake up the sleeping tigers. It's SO quiet and peaceful here now -- but I don't want to stay out late, especially since I should get the Shabbat cooking started tonight. Plus some shopping. Plus I promised Margalit that we'd look for sandals for her. It's going to be a LONG 12 hours.

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