Saturday, April 14, 2007

Robin and the Rappeports


The "cousins weekend" didn't really turn into one, in the end. One of my cousins, who comes every year to volunteer with a program called "Shaltiel" which promotes Arab-Jewish cooperation, was bumped from his flight because of overcrowding and will only get to Israel tonight, which won't allow him to come north. I am very disappointed, but that's life.

My other cousin, who is volunteering for 3 months in Tiberias, came yesterday afternoon, but decided to return to Tiberias as night because she didn't think that she had warm enough clothes for the chilly Tzfat weather. I offered to loan her some things, but she thought that she'd prefer to go back. When she was going to meet her ride, however, she did say that she'd like to come back again, perhaps with a friend, which would be nice, so maybe they can come in 2 weeks when Avishai and Ariella are going to be here.

And in another coincidence, the couple who are renting downstairs for 2 nights didn't bring their food with them, so I invited them to eat lunch with us, since we didn't have our other guests. They turned out to be lovely people and good conversationists, and even though I was disappointed at the cousin-less lunch, I had a good time.

As Shabbat ended, the neighborhood kids found some puppies which had been abandoned on the road below the house. I shouted at Margalit to take the one that she wanted to foster BACK to where she found it -- maybe just ONCE, some other sucker can take care of a stray.'s now snuggled with Hagai on his bed.....not enough other suckers in the neighborhood.

Here's some pictures of the creature (and his sibling, which, thankfully, some neighbors took in)

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