Thursday, April 26, 2007


It was Margalit's 11th birthday 2 weeks ago, and while she celebrated already in school, we were going to wait for a home celebration until Avishai and Ariel(la) got home. This was supposed to be the weekend, and Ariel is bringing her boyfriend Ben home for a visit too, but then Yochi was told that she has a Shabbat with her school, and then Avishai's army unit decided to do Shabbat together by the Kinneret......I'm just the restauranter, I guess. Robin, my cousin, is coming back, this time with a friend. So that will be nice. There's going to be a lot of chili left over.

Margalit's friends made her a suprise birthday party Wednesday afternoon. Here's a picture.
Top row: Chaya Rina, Hadas (the girl who took the stray pup) and Zohar;
Bottom Row: Meira (who's been in pre-kindergarden and onwards with margalit since age 1), Margalit, Racheli and Ta'alia.
Trivia question: WHICH one of these girls looks like she gives her teachers sleepless nights?
Answer: The one I know the best.

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