Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So, between Saturday night and last night, as of 6:30p.m., the following had been taken care of:

  • chametz stuff -- put away
  • Pesach stuff -- taken out of boxes and shelved
  • kitchen floor -- washed
  • soup -- made (vegan)
  • chicken -- made
  • eggplant cassarole (vegan) -- made
  • ratoutille -- (vegan) made
  • roast potatos (v) made
  • mashed potatos (v) made
  • quinoa (v) made
  • salad (v) made
  • traditional Pesach strawberry Rappeport jam (v) -- made
  • Pesach rolls (for the day-of-Seder-before-Matza-allowed) -- made (eggs)
  • living room (where chametz was set up for the hours pre-Pesach, since it's freezing outside and the porch wasn't available) -- cleaned
  • last minute shopping (milk stuff, drinks, Kosher-for-Pesach dog food) -- done
  • laundry (2 loads) -- done
  • Seder plate -- set up (including a spare zorah bone, since the cat ate #1)
  • Margalit's room -- set up for 2 overnight guests
  • lettuce (for Seder) checked for bugs

This included an 8-hour work day on Sunday, though I admit that I slipped out about 15 minutes early.

Anyway, do I deserve to be proud of myself, or what? This was mostly a one-woman act, and I didn't get upset even once, or even raise my voice. What I didn't do myself, I directed, and aside from a case of pure exhaustion, I'm rather pleased with myself.

The Seder itself was also nice. For the first time, I pretty much led it, though we shared tasks and didn't stand on ceremony much -- everyone took turns participating, and I offered 5 shekels per person to anyone who had a question that no one could answer, so the kids came up with some good questions, for the first time ever. I also prepared a trivia quiz for Pesach, and that was fun too, and added something.

We still don't compete with the folks who end at 2:00a.m., but I think that we can be proud of our Seder, and I'm pleased that we stayed home and ran our own Seder, rather than counting on someone with a "father" to lead. By golly, we're pretty good!

Next challenge....where to go for a tiyul?

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