Sunday, February 25, 2007


My mother is on the way here for a visit...she should be on the plane now. Looking forward to seeing her, since I haven't seen her since she was here for Dov's (first) son's birth 2 years ago. Now there's a new baby too, and we're hoping to see them all when we take her down to Jerusalem for the second part of her visit. We'll get her for part I, which will include Purim, since Avishai will be home for Shabbat, and Ariella (now known as "Ariel") and possibly her boyfriend said that they'd come as well. And hopefully, if the weather is good, we'll drive her down on Monday and get to see the cousins too (and, their parents, though THEY'RE not as cute).

So this has given me the imputus to take a day off and wash down the house and do all sorts of other errands that I usually do on the run. I have to have something taken care of for the car too, which I can't do on a work break, so it's forcing me to take some time. Looking forward to my day, which is already going faster than I wish it would.

The news reported that a resident of Bat Ayin was stabbed by an Arab yesterday. Bat Ayin is the settlement near Jerusalem where Margalit and I spent 2 weeks this summer, during the war, and the spring next to the settlement, where the guy was evidently stabbed, is one that people walk to all the's about a 15-minute walk from the house where we were staying. So stunning -- the place itself is pastoral, quiet and beautiful, with a view into the Judean hills, and it's beyond belief that someone could just go to take a walk and be killed like that. Harder because I know people there now, and know how trusting they were of their area, and how secure they felt. Hm-m-m-m-m, kind of like how I feel here, even with Hizbollah rearming quickly.

We talk about "getting ready for the war" here and "hope that we can get such-and-such completed before the next war" like some people talk about a coming thunderstorm.

In other news, Avishai finished his navigation course as the course's excellent soldier. Very nice. Except that now, as a prize, he gets to undergo a 2-week parachuting course, and, of course, parachute. Out of a plane. I was quite annoyed, and told him that he should have told me AFTER the jump. Mothers.

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