Thursday, October 19, 2006


Haven't posted for awhile...and the last couple posts were somewhat of a cheat, since I just posted the article that featured us. I plead guilty, though I think that I can be forgiven if life is a bit hectic. Holidays, etc.

Now I have a bit of time, especially since my work computer seems to have caught a major virus, and I'm left to work on the general computer at work where I don't have my files, Outlook, etc.

The T-shirt sales have been moving along. I'm not ready to be interviewed by Forbes yet, but during Succot when there were tourists here, we sold a couple every day, which did more for my ego than my pocketbook, but also pushed me to develop more designs (we're working on it now) and I'll soon order more.

I did learn that, while one would expect that the medium size would be the most popular, it's not....many people are simply built big, bigger, or biggest. So I'll have a lot of mediums around for quite a while.

Avishai is set to come home for a week, which will be nice. I'm trying to think of projects for him while he's at home. Maybe he can do some harvesting of the olives on our neighbor's tree, and I can pickle a can or two. Truthfully, it was mainly Yoni who used to eat our home-made olives, but it's fun to make them, and will justify the rooda (an herb) that I keep growing in the garden as a pickling spice for olives.

Changed the lock to the door, fixed the hose of the washing for now, whatever was broken has been fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed that that will be all for awhile.

Other than that, nothing much else to report. Hagai returned to school with my promise that if he behaves completely while he's in school, whenever he feels as though he won't be able to stay in class all day, he should tell me in the morning, and that day he'll have a dentist sppointment, or be sick, or need to help me, or something. He likes that solution and I haven't had any more calls from his teacher in...oh, about 4 days.

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