Monday, October 30, 2006


HUGE thunderstorm over woke me up Saturday morning and I couldn't go back to sleep, the thunder was so loud. And there's been enough rain over these last few days to put the Kinneret back on the map. All of which is good news for a country that's always moaning about the water tables. But as I recall from my early days in the country, this is about the time that the cotton crop needs to be harvested, and if it gets wet, it's finished. As with everything else though, I guess that it's six of one and half dozen of another. And anyway, maybe the farmers got their cotton in.

Elisheva made two new designs for the shirts...the girl did it again. They're fabulous. I'm going to order some to have on hand for the birthright season and hope that those kids like shirts. Still looking for some good ways to market on internet...i guess it would help if I paid something. If only Madonna or Brittney would wear one...even for a day...

Just came back from a parent-teacher conference with margalit's teacher. I'll just say that I envy parents who get to hear "what a terrific student your child is. So studious. So polite and well-behaved". 'Nuff said. (I can't complain...i always hear that from Yochi's teachers. But I have FIVE kids!)

Here are the new graphics. Madonna, are you watching?


NorthridgeGutterman said...

I have found your blog on the web and read a bit of it. I found your blog as I was surfing the net because I am visiting Safed /Tzfat in mid December for 4 days. I plan to just wander around aimlessly, yet with a plan too. I am hoping to meet some people there as part of my stay, and maybe if I made some contacts ahead of time that might be even better.
perhaps you can give me some ideas.

Laurie said...

Hi Bob,
Nice to hear from you.

You can also check out a website that I manage,,
which has information about the history of Tzfat, places to visit,

ravyehoshua said...

This is not Rav Yehoshua! This is me! Maybe send Madonna one? She'd want one, wouldn't she? Too bad they have so much fabric: you could cut off the sleeves and scoop the neck way, way down, but then your picture would be all gone. Bummer.
Yesterday I went to pick up Hillel from a birthday party. The birthday-boy greeted me with "Hillel is the best boy in the whole class!" "Sof-sof! I finally have one", I said to the boy's Mom. Of course, I haven't heard that from Hillel's teacher yet, but it gave me a bit of hope. Actually, I think he may be doing well, because the school skimmed off the really really bright kids for a "special class" (they were going to try to hide the fact that it's for the real smarties, but the kids figured that out before the first day had gone by. They also, fortunately, figured out that these kids get lots more homework and finish later.) That actually leaves kids like Hillel to shine, which, if what he says about his teacher's comments are true, he seems to be doing. Tuesday night there's going to be a "mother-son" activity at school. Now that's a good idea. First we sing together and then do some cooking things: I'm actually looking forward to it. Thank goodness they don't expect me to study Torah with him! Luv, Shoshana

Navah said...

Laurie, I ran across an old blog of yours from 2005 where you talked about not being romantic & idealistic about living in Israel anymore, & you mentioned a Hebrew phrase that loosely translated says "living here sucks the juice out of you". As life here progresses (or regresses) for me, I understand fully,and have expressed it in English but haven't heard the Hebrew phrase. Can you help me out and give it here in transliteration? Thanks.
I am enjoying your blog but don't see anything after OCt 2006. I'll check out your website as well. Thanks.