Tuesday, September 26, 2006

His Royal Majesty

His Royal Majesty Bagheera, sometimes known in the neighborhood as "Uncle Fred" (because he moves like an Uncle Fred) just came to honor us with a visit. Uncle Fred is a cat, half-ours and half Moshe Tov's, our neighbors...depending on where his majesty wishes to dine that day. We have, formally, three cats, though two spend a lot of time at Moshe Tov's (I'm sure that it's the food there) and the third, Miranda, has a bad habit of peeing around the house. Give me a good dog any day of the who looks at you adoringly (have you ever seen a cat look at you adoringly?), rolls on its back to have its tummy scratched (ever seen a cat do that?) and basically knows that YOU are the mistress/master and IT is the creature. I have a problem with an animal who behaves as though you're lucky to be allowed to feed it.

Downloaded some recent pictures into my work computer (the disc that I get from the developer's won't let me save pictures into my computer, only send them via e-mail/Outlook, so I have to send the pictures to myself at work, because that's where I have Outlook, then download each one separately into the computer there, and THEN send them to myself at home, where I can send them on or post them. The camera isn't great so they're not really good pictures, but they do bear likenesses to the people that I photographed (my children) so I'll post some.

Time to put up the succa. Last year we bought a plastic tarp and roll-up schach, and life has been much easier since then -- no wooden boards, window, doors, branches, etc. It's definitely not as nice or warm, but it serves the purpose. I'm trying to simply keep the house from turning into a dump until the kids grow up and I can put some money into fixing things properly -- stop-gap actions in the meantime. Sigh. I pray every night that nothing serious breaks.

Pictures later.

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