Thursday, August 24, 2006


OK, we're all going to be sorry that I ever learned how to make a website! (Never mind that it's a site that allows you to create your webpage by walking you through it while holding your hand).

Ta DA!!

Check it out!

I also saw Elisheva today, the graphic artist who designed the Tzfatshirt, and she was really pleased, and is going to start on some more designs.

So there's no choice...we have to make this thing go.

Elisheva is one of the people who has left Tzfat as a result of the "situation". She's incredibly talented, but there was just never any work in Tzfat for her, and she was getting frustrated, so she used the opportunity to try and see what is available for her in Jerusalem. It's not easy there either -- on the one hand, there are a lot more opportunities there. On the other hand, this summer there have been SEVEN planeloads of American olim (immigrants) who have come to Israel, and you can assume that most of them are looking for jobs too. So she's struggling, and I hope that this will work out for her.

Woke up last night about 3:00a.m. with Margalit, who has taken to sleeping in my bed. Margalit, Jenny, and I (Jenny is the 4-legged one with fur -- small, as dogs go, but she still wiggles a lot) in one not-so-huge bed doesn't give me much of a good night's sleep, but it's nice chatting with Margalit a bit before she goes to sleep...makes me feel like I'm giving her some attention. Oh well, the time will come when she doesn't want to be seen with me, so I might as well give her the attention now.

At any rate, she woke up with a roaring headache, and until the Optigin took affect, she was miserable and I was beside myself -- tired and worried. At any rate, it lessened, and she returned to sleep, but by the time I did, it was quite a bit later. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, just feeling sorry for someone who I know who looks like he's sinking, but can't seem to understand how to start floating again. I shouldn't let it bother me so much, but it does.

We set aside this afternoon to get some school supplies, so I'd better go.

If Avishai ever brings back my camera from the army, I might be able to post some more pictures.

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