Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tisha B'Av

There's nothing like Tisha B'Av to put a little perspective on our situation.

The day that commemorates not only the destruction of the First and Second Temples, but also the starvation and massacares of the populations of Jerusalem in those times, numerous mass-killings and expulsions of Jews throughout the centuries,and untold sufferings of the Jewish people for thousands of years...well, it does put our present "matzav' into some sort of perspective.

I recently received a letter from a cousin who wrote that he can't imagine living with a billion-and-a-half people who want to kill me living next door. What I realized afterward was that I should have pointed out that, while they don't live next door to him, they want to kill HIM too. And his wife. And his kids. The people who want me dead don't want me dead because I'm Israeli, they want me dead because I'm Jewish. And that hasn't changed for thousands of years.

Heard from Avishai yesterday. He was let out of his week of detention (he shot off a bullet by mistake, so has been in punnishment, guarding in a prison for the last week) and will come by Jerusalem to see me today. I had hoped that he'd have Shabbat with us here, but his unit is scheduled to enter Lebanon on Friday, and he wants to be with them, so he'll sleep tonight in Tzfat and then head up north from there.

Worried? Don't ask. But this was our ideology when we came to israel, and still is mine...that we have to do whatever we can to prevent our enemies from destroying us. I can't expect everyone else to send their sons to war while mine sits quietly....I can't expect other mothers to live with worry while I am complacent. If the slogan 'WE ARE ONE" has any teeth behind it, we can't just say it...we have to live it.

Avishai has obviously imbued that belief...he has given up his free Shabbat in order to be with his unit and participate in whatever awaits him. And worried as I am, I truely believe that it's all in God's hands. If he does his job, and we do ours (to act properly, pray, do mitzvot), if God wants him to come out of this, he will.

Hope that I have enough reading material to get me through the day.

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