Saturday, August 05, 2006

Reving up

New week. Shabbat was nice. I heard that friends came to get Ariella out of the house for Shabbat lunch...God bless our friends! They talked about getting her involved in some kind of volunteer work, which would be amazing for her. I suggested that if someone could come and pick her up, she'd be more likely to get out, because I think that she's simply scared to move, and they said that they'd try. I'm blessed to know such amazing people.

I took a walk today to a kibbutz which is next to the yishuv where I'm staying, and heard that the family that was katyusha'd next to our house (the whole family was injured....Margalit had been talking to one of the little girls when the katyusha hit) is staying at that kibbutz, so I promised Margalit that we'd go to visit. That should be nice for her.

Avishai is scheduled to go to the second funeral of the soldier from his unit tomorrow in Ramle, and I hope that we can meet before he heads back. Maybe he can come through Jerusalem, if not, I'll meet him in Ramle, which is nearer to Tel Aviv, but who cares?

Dyed my hair and cut my bangs...I feel human again!

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