Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pride before know

I had always prided myself on the fact that I didn't smother my children with worry. Not alot of "nos", though if you ask Avishai, he'll tell you that he had 100% more "nos" than the younger kids. OK, probably true.

So when Avishai got out of basic training and started going on missions, I tried to keep everything calm, not worry, and remember that if we do everything that we can, and he does everything that he can, "y'hi b'seder" -- it will be OK.

So why couldn't I sleep until 3:00a.m. last night?

Yochi and Hagai came back today. It's so good to see them. They had a wonderful time visiting the grandparents, and had lots of stories and experiences to relate. margalit has already started to get on their nerves, and vice versa. Yoni stayed in Germany -- he has a friend there. I thought that Margalit was going to melt down in the airport, she had been looking forward to seeing him for so many weeks. these last few weeks have been harder on her than anyone.

Yochi is interested in going up to Tzfat to volunteer, and Hagai is interested too. So now I'm back to my original question. At what point can I meet my personal desires to go back while not disturbing Margalit's routine (she has the day camp that she likes) and peace of mind? I feel as though there's so much that I could do there...workwise, volunteer-wise, and family-wise. Don't know what the answer is.


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TsfatMarm said...

Laurie, my prayers are with you and Avishai. May Hashem protect him and keep him.

The decisions are not easy. The bombing in Tsfat was so heavy last week, that even my kid who would rather go home than her fun day camp admitted that she probably would have been a bit traumatized.

With the kids happy in daycare, I've found some p.t. work. I, too, would rather go home, help out whoever is there, go to my 'regular' job, just be in my own home again. However, for me, three kids who don't want to face the shelling is enough to keep me still displaced. I really had wanted to make this the last displaced Shabbos, just go home on Sunday. But with day camp continuing and the shelling continuing, I'm almost considering trying to find a rental for the rest of the month.

And then what? School? Can't even think about it right now.

Have as restful a Shabbat as possible.