Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gnaw, gnaw

Just saw a report on the news that a katyusha scored a direct hit on a Tzfat house this morning. Which house? Occupied? In my neighborhood? Someone I know? Near my daughter, who is in Tzfat with her dog? (because no one will host her dog, cat-killer that it is). I'm plotzing.

I've set up another blog, viewfromtzfat which is dedicated to compiling the experiences of Tzfat residents and volunteers who are in Tzfat during this period. It's through my work with Livnot, because Livnot is one of the organizations that is organizing relief efforts in Tzfat now.

The need for volunteers is acute, and once again, I feel guilty that I'm not there. I have a car, and cars are needed. I can get around, have contacts, know my way around, and am in good health (I think...never did have that biopsy, since it was scheduled for the Sunday after I evacuated) so I could really be of assistance. I just don't have anything to do with margalit.....

In the meantime, there's a wonderful kaytana (camp) running daily in the Jerusalem area for Northern kids. Don't know yet who sponsors it, but Margalit had a wonderful time yesterday, and was looking forward to going back today. Interestingly enough, the staff is all english-speaking (Americans) and the kids also seem to all be english-speaking. Don't know exactly how that happened, but it should help Margalit with her english! Also, she'll definitely return to Tzfat with more of a knowledge of baseball and American football than most other kids in Tzfat!

Tomorrow is Tisha B'av. I'm thinking about going to Kever Rachel, Tomb of Rachel...I've never been, and as long as I'm here, I might as well make use of my "vacation".

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