Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting back to "normal"

I walked into the Livnot campus on Thursday morning to find 8 huge bags of clothes and toys. American donors had bagged up tons of stuff and just blindly sent it, knowing that somehow, it would get to the right people, and sure enough, it will. If you think about it, it's pretty amazing. Some people went out and spent several hundred (probably thousand) dollars to send bags of nice toys and childrens' clothes to some kids in the North that they had never met. They sent the bags with other people whom they didn't know -- they made contact with them through internet and just knew that they were travelling to Israel. Once those messengers got to Israel, they sent it on to the LIvnot campus, trusting totally that the unknown people at the Livnot campus would get it to the right place. Then, the Jerusalem Livnot people put it on a bus that was coming to Tzfat, it arrived at the Tzfat campus, and within a few days, we will insure that it's distributed to kids who need the lift that new clothes and toys will give them.

There have been some suprising developments in many people's lives since the war, most noticably the number of people who are leaving Tzfat. There are several families who were planning to leave anyway for various reasons -- jobs, schooling, etc. But I also know people who spent the time while in the south looking around to see what other opportunities there are there, and now they're leaving. It's not a flood, but it's still significant, and many of these people are my friends, so it'll be hard to see them leave.

Nice Shabbat. Great food. I cooked it. I ate too much of it though. Ah well.

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TsfatMarm said...

I looked around, too. Got some extra puter work I could take with me back here... which is where me and the kids really feel at home.

None of my kids nor myself found J-salem at all tempting for long term. Not yet, anyway.