Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finding Ourselves

First Tzfatshirt design: caption is from R' Nachman of Breslav saying "Kol HaOlam Kulo, Gesher Tzar Meod" -- "All the World is a Narrow Bridge, Cross it with Courage". Orders at me!

Last night I suddenly remembered that Hagai had mentioned to me last week that he couldn't find his tefillin, but he had another pair, and that I'd never followed up on it. Considering that a pair of good tefillin costs 2500 shekels (about $600) you would think that I would have jumped, but at the time, I just assumed that Avishai had accidently taken them with him when he returned to the army (Hagai said that he thought that they'd been in his bag) or he'd swapped them by mistake with a friends' tefillin when he camped out with his friends. All of a sudden, I realized that I hadn't yet heard the end of this story.

Turns out that the pair that he thought that he did have were just an empty box , Avishai doesn't have Hagai's tefillin, and in the meantime, Hagai just hasn't been putting on tefillin.

I called the family that we stayed with in Bat Ayin, and sure enough, they're there. Thank goodness. But Hagai and I didn't go to bed last night very happy with each other.

Next group of items to take care of: my breast biopsy, yearly dental visits, school supplies, trying to promote my tshirt business and get it going a bit, and, the biggie....getting my windows replaced. Frankly, I'd be happy to get some glass in them and forget the American glass-Low E-double-panes-hotsy totsy stuff, but everyone is pushing me to get estimates for the BEST (OK, they're they best windows), and pressure the compensation authorities to order me the correct glass, if not new windows. I have NO IDEA of what I'm doing! I don't even know enough about the damned things to tell the estimator what I'm demanding. AND I JUST DON'T CARE! Ah well, it's on the list.....

Thank God I have enough money to finish the month. I'm honestly not sure how, because there were no room rentals during the past 5 weeks (though the room will be rented for Shabbat!) and I had a ton of unexpected expenses. But I see that when all the bills are paid, I'm doing OK. Don't understand it, but I do believe that there is something to the saying that everyone will have exactly as much money as God wants them to have (though obviously we all have to make our own efforts) . I'm going to try to start tutoring english again, because that's good money, and try to develop the rental room, as well as the t-shirt business. The things that I had been planning to save up for during the summer with the rentals, such as Yochi's winter trip to the States (as part of the Partnership 2000 Mission) and some other things have, obviously, not been saved up for, so it's time to get in gear and start saving.

We'll see. In the meantime, here's the design for the wonderful Tzfatshirt, model #1 -- orders are welcome!

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