Monday, July 31, 2006

Week #3

As of this morning, we are officially week #3 "on the road". However, we split up from the other family that we were staying with (their grandmother rented an apartment in Jerusalem for them) and have moved closer to Jerusalem, so not only do we have more physical space, but I'm near Jerusalem and can (if Margalit manages not to annoy her playmate too much) get in to work every day. My computer was brought down to Jerusalem from Tzfat, and I feel useful again.

Another plus in our new "digs" is that the wife, a friend, doesn't really like to cook, (not during the week, anyway....her Shabbat meals are wonderful) so I've been able to cook a few dinners, again, making me feel useful, and at the same time, doing something that I enjoy. Yes, I like to cook. I didn't reach Weight Watchers by not liking food!

We spent Shabbat in Modi'in again, at the apartment of a family that was away for Shabbat. They had offered to take Lola, at least until this "situation" is finished, and maybe for good. Yochi called to say Shabbat Shalom from the States, and was upset to hear that Lola might be leaving us, but I am having enough trouble managing with 2 little dogs...the third, though she's an amazingly gentle and easy animal, was getting to be quite enough.

so the nomad life is continuing, and I'm resigned to being here for awhile. I have to say that there's a tremendous lesson in humility in this whole episode. We, who are accustomed to be asked to help others, and who pride ourselves on our ability to help whenever we can, are now in a position of relying on being helped. It's a bit of a tikkun -- life lesson -- and I can't say that I'm enjoying it, but I am trying to recognize it for what it is.

This was sent out regarding our neighbors who were injured in one of the first attacks on Tzfat, across the street from our house :
MiITVA: A Family in Need from TZFAT
Before the Fast of Tammuz was over The Mor Family, of Tzfat (formerly of Petah Tikvah) were miraculously saved by a direct hit to their house, landing in their kichen where the mother and 4 of the five children, ages 7-1, were standing there. They were released from Rambam Hospital this week and are residing in Kibbuz Gush Etzion, until their home in Tzfat can be repaired. I, Dr. Wendy Tikva Cohen, their neighbor and close friend have, with their full permission and need, started :
Give generously or whatever you can afford. Please remember Tzeducka (Charity) saves the World!! And please pass this email on to any of your friends and family around the World!
For their names to pray for and for further information on how you can help them please contact me at tikvacohen@
Tzion Mor, is a Sofer and you can help them by ordering mezuzzas or a Safer Torah.
Please if their is anyone I can send a package to who could deliver it to them in Gush Etzion, please contact me if possible before Shabbot or anytime near thereafter.
G-d bless all of the people of Israel to be safe and to see Peace, full and uncondi-tional and a Refuah Shlema (complete healing) for this exceptional family of Tzfat.

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