Monday, July 17, 2006

Vacation....kind of

We are now settled at our friends' home in Moshav Chemed, about half-way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It's located next to Ben Gurion airport, and hearing the planes still gives me a start every time one goes over....there's a moment of "whishing" that makes me want to bolt for a shelter each time.

There are other neighbors here too, a mother and 3 girls...this host family deserves a medal. Not only are they hosting us, but our canines were invited to come too, alibet to stay outside in their yard (a huge area with plenty of room for loping around). The hosts haven't said a word about the huge hole that's beginning to take shape under their swing, and since the dogs like to lay there and cool off, I'll just wait until we leave before I fill it in.

The news is still worrisome. A couple of katyushas fell on Tzfat, but evidently there was no damage. I called Avishai to find out what was happening with him...he needs to return to the army today, but wasn't sure whether he'd be going north, or return to the south. For now, he needs to be in Ashkelon...south.

In addition to my total lack of ability to concentrate on anything, I also have to keep Margalit busy. Thank goodness we brought the dogs...she's worried enough about the cats, though I left them enough food and water, plus an open window, for at least a week. (there was no reason to lock up securely, since we have 2 windows with no glass....). Today, we plan to go into Jerusalem to visit my brother and family, which should take her mind off of things -- 2 little babies to spoil and play with. I spoke to Ariella last night, and we plan to meet up and go together. Tomorrow, we'll do a pool day. Thank goodness I have a car to move around! At least we can make this a sort of vacation, alibet a very strange one.

I've been blown away by the messages of support and offers of assistance from people. The first day of missile fire, tons of people calls me, some who had met me once, some who had stayed with me overnight here or there, and some who had simply met me for a little while in the Visitors Center once and we had chatted a bit. One woman who had met me when she came up for an afternoon with an old friend from Detroit called me to invite me to stay with her! Cousins, friends, acquaintances....everyone wants to help. (Not EVERYONE, I must stress, is willing to take 3 dogs....people do have their limits). And the e-mails of concern and support....all of Israel really IS One! (not to mention FOI-- Friends of Israel).

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