Sunday, July 16, 2006

suddenly homeless

Who would have thought, even one week ago, that we would be moving around, trying to dodge katyushas? I always thought that wars began slowly, with rhetoric, threats, and escalation of tensions. This war started on Wednesday morning with the kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers by Hizbollah and the killing of 6 others, and has turned into a full-blown war in a matter of days.

Hizbollah, true to form, is targeting civilians, which is their forte, and katyushas have been raining down on the North for several days. I stayed in Tzfat over shabbat because Avishai was coming home for a few days and was adamant that he wanted to be HOME. Fair enough. But by Saturday night, even he admitted that it was time to leave, and we packed up our car and the car of the neighbors whose house we'd been in throughout Shabbat (underground, thick stone walls) and headed out. The house next door to them was hit on Friday evening, and it was clear that, by staying, we weren't helping anything, and just driving the kids nuts with being in the house all the time.

I also didn't feel like staying in the local shelter any more, where my neighbors, all lovely people (mostly American) were saying tehillim (psalms) most of the time....I wanted to see the TV news, and these people didn't want to see TV. Understandable, but for whatever reason, it was a blessing that I had the car at my disposal and could leave with our dogs (our hosts, bless them, invited us to bring the beasts, as long as they stay in the yard.)

so here we are, and I'm determined to try to make this into a holiday of sorts for Margalit -- pool, a bit of travel, renting movies, etc. There goes the school tuition that I thought that I could pay off before the beginning of school this year...for once. What do they say? Man plans, and God laughs.

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