Monday, July 17, 2006

sleep...or lack of it

I wake up every morning about 5:00a.m. and from then on,my head is buzzing. What can I do to keep Margalit busy today? What is happening with the house (Tzfat was rocketed yesterday both in the morning and the evening, and several neighborhoods were hit, including the hospital, Cana'an and the Old City), what's happening with the cats, etc.? When can we go home? What should I DO? Stay still? Go stay with someone else for awhile and give our hosts a break? If so, what do I do with the dogs? Will the car hold up with much travelling? It already seems to overheat....though I don't really know what to do about it. How do I check the oil? ( I did learn to check the water...whoopie for me).

Again, the most that I can do is to take it day by day, life should be, I guess, in general....give myself up to the situation that's been presented to me. Strange way to life for someone who has grown up believing that one creates one's future through his or her own actions. Ain't true, guys.

Yesterday we drove into Jerusalem to visit my brother, sister-in-law and yummy nephews. Margalit was in bliss....three hours of being the "babysitter cousin" was great for her. We met Ariella at a nearby junction, and she came with us, which was great. We took "the boys" out to the park for a bit -- Shimshon is about 20 months, and Aryeh is 2 months. I "wore" Aryeh in a stomach pack....the one that I'd used for my kids (and given to my sister-in-law....I'll take it back when my grandchildren begin to arrive). Shimshi is a little cuddle...friendly, and takes to strangers (well, cousins or not, we are strangers) easily. Today, we're going to the pool with the girls from the "other" refugee family that's staying here. Tomorrow......we'll see. Maybe we can go home.

I just read on the local Tzfat e-mail group that there's a camp being organized through the Jewish Agency for evacuee kids in the center of the country, so I'll call today to see if we can participate. Honestly, where else in the world would one find such an infrastructure? People from the center are opening their homes to complete strangers, we've been told (Ariella said) that our city taxes have been cancelled for the immediate future, the cell phone company is giving free message service to Northern residents.....

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