Sunday, July 23, 2006

A new week

We went to Modi'in for Shabbat, because the family that we've been staying with in Hemed was expecting guests. The Shabbat was wonderful, and our hosts have a 10-year-old so there was plenty for Margalit (and her friend Meira, who is travelling with us) to play with.

The english-speaking community in Modi'in is very cohesive...Modern Orthodox, and tightly knit. Friday night, many get together in the backyard of the family that was hosting us for a Kabbalat Shabbat, Carlebach style. then on Saturday morning, they have a tradition of getting together again for a "Rambam group", a group of mostly men who do an extended kiddush with a good amount of alcohol, good stuff, a bit of food, and a little talk of Torah. Most of the talk, it seemed to me, revolved around the various drinks available.

Then, for lunch, in addition to myself and Margalit and Sharon and her girls, there were 2 other families invited. One has been in Israel for 6 months -- a young couple with a 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old triplet boys! The other couple just arrived 2 weeks ago. What a welcome for newcomers to Israel! Anyway, between the pitcher of Tom Collins on the table, 3 bottles of nice wine, schnapps, and some beer at the end (the host, David, is a brewmaster, and in the process of starting a micro-brewery in Israel), the "lunch" went on until 5:00p.m.! By that time, I, who had done justice to the Tom collins pitcher and the wine, needed a nap, but everyone will be pleased to hear that I didn't do anything to embarass myself...just stumbled up the stairs and took a nice rest. Truthfully, after these last 10 days, I think that i deserve a bit of a bender.

Today we went to Mini-Israel and then, on to a pool....pleasant for the girls. I'm wiped out by all the driving, unfinished chores that I need to do in someone else's house with someone else's equipment while disturbing someone else's peace....if I could go home right now, I would.

However, the katyushas continue to fall on Tzfat, and if for no other reason than to keep Margalit sane, I remain. Ariella was in Tzfat until today, but yesterday, one fell on the house next door to where she was staying, and today's barrage made her head down to us, and she's expected (with her hound) any moment. Heaven help us.

Someone posted some of the recent pictures of what's happening in Tzfat.

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