Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 2006

I was chugging along on a new blog a few days ago, and suddenly, my screen "errored-disc". Gulp. For two days the computer didn't work, and suddenly, it returned. Go figure.

Spoke to Avishai last night. He's been in Gaza for the last week-and-a-half as the Israeli army tries to recapture the kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shilat, and stop the Kassams from raining down on Israeli towns and villages. It's infuriating to read the international media, which concentrates on the incursion without paying much attention to the rocket attacks on the town of Sderot, southern Israel villages, and now, Ashkelon. I mean, what would any other country do if its civilians were being rocketed by a neighboring country?

Anyway, Avishai was getting ready for the entrance into Northern Gaza, which was set to be with Golani (his unit), Givati, the artillery, air force, and the special forces. I can't even imagine what he's involved in, but I believe totally that he and the other soldiers are committed only to protecting the country and the people in it. Me and my children, to be exact. It's frustrating, knowing that your child is involved in something like this, and knowing that the only thing that you can do is pray.

Took Yochi and Hagai to the airport last night and sent them on their way to the States. Since I didn't get a phone call saying "where ARE they?", I'm assuming that they made the transfer in Frankfurt all right, and arrived safely. I was a bit concerned at that transfer, and asked Hagai several times if he knew exactly what he was supposed to do, till finally, with exasperation, he said to me "ema, if I got Ariella to the right transfer last year in New York, I'll manage fine with Yochi". True....I stopped worrying, because Ariella is a complete space cadet, and although, on paper, it was the 12-year-old being accompanied by the 18-year-old, in point of fact, it was very definitely the 18-year-old being accompanied by the 12-year-old. I'm always amazed at the logic and orderliness of Hagai's thinking, and how MUCH he knows from his reading, web-surfing, encyclopedia reading, etc. He's a wealth of information, but also, as they say, has a lot of seichel (common sense).

So, it's me and Margalit in the house now. I barely see her, because I'm at work most of the day. I agreed to the trip because Yoni got Margalit to agree to go to day camp, so I wouldn't have to worry about her being home all day, even though I told him that she wouldn't want to go. Well, I know my daughter...she absolutely refused to go to any type of day camp, and is now Home Alone, keeping house for me with her friends. Yesterday, they fixed me lunch and washed the floor. Let's just say that there was a lot of wasted "lunch" (marshmellows with candies on them, crackers (which I don't eat because of my diet), fruit (I eat enough fruit at work every day to keep several orchards busy) and a bunch of mush mixed into a red pepper that Margalit told me was "tuna and mayonaise". Any tuna was swallowed by the mayo. I think that I quite offended her by my fit, but made her promise that she wouldn't do such a thing again. We'll see.

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